Tips for a London Honeymoon

London Bridge

London is a unique honeymoon destination for culture-seekers and those who enjoy the fast-pace of life. London is bursting with world class theatres, museums and packed with history, yet you can step out of the fast-pace to relax by the River Thames or take a romantic walk in Hyde Park. Here are some of our other tips for a London Honeymoon:

Travel tips

The first of our tips is plan your honeymoon in London between May and October for the best weather options, although Christmas in London is also romantic.

Get a map of ‘the tube’, also known as the Underground, which runs early until midnight, giving a quick and easily accessible way to see the city. Certain buses run 24/7 and though not fast, it’s a good way to see the capital whilst travelling on the top deck.

To use the bus or tube, you need an ‘Oyster Card’, which is a prepaid card used to swipe you in and out of the train station, but only needs to swipe when getting on a bus. Another of our tips is to return your Oyster card at the end of your trip for a refund of the cost of the card and the remaining balance.
If you’re flying into the UK get the Heathrow or Gatwick Express to London central stations. It’s more expensive, but substantially quicker.

Where to stay

The popular districts of Mayfair, the West End, Westminster, and the City of London have no shortage of fine hotels perfect for those on honeymoon:


The best is The Ritz London in Mayfair that has honeymoon suites or The Dorchester, which is popular with royalty, high society and celebrities.

The West End

Location of a vibrant theatre scene, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Covent Garden are considered the pulse of cultural London.


Be at the heart of British politics with Buckingham Palace, Parliament and more all within walking distance.

Where to eat

Quintessentially British, pubs serve a lot of home style British cooking along with drinks and are located on almost every street in London. At the pub, beer comes in pints and half pints, and cider is an alcoholic drink. Order at the bar. Tips are not expected.

Authentic British cuisine includes fresh fish and chips that you can take out on a romantic honeymoon picnic or try shepherd’s pie or roast beef. International cuisine is available across the capital so you won’t go hungry. If you want to try one of London’s finest restaurant’s be sure to make a reservation in advance as waiting lists can be long.

An old British tradition when it comes to food is ‘High Tea’. This tea and pastries afternoon ritual is well served at The Tea Room at Harrods, The Ritz London, or the roof-top restaurant at the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

What to see

Taking a guided bus sightseeing tour will show you much of what London has to offer. You can see all the main attractions where you can jump off the bus and catch another later. These will take you to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and much more.

Ride the London Eye for some of the best views of the city. Another of our tips is to buy tickets online to beat the queues.

London houses some of the finest museums in the world, nearly all offering free admission.
A romantic than a stroll through the blossoming Kew Royal Botanic Gardens is good at any time of year, but April is particularly special.


If you love shopping, Oxford Circus is London’s shopping district or for the epitome of luxury shopping, visit Harrods that sells every imaginable indulgence. For markets, Portobello Road is great for antiques or Camden Market, which is edgier yet charming.

Royal palaces

Kensington Palace in Hyde Park (the residence of Queen Victoria and now Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry) the Tower of London (a one-time palace, prison and now home to the Crown Jewels) and Henry VIII’s Hampton Court just outside London. Another of our tips: if you want to visit more than one palace, buy membership for cheaper admission.